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Code Description Amount   EUR Code Description Amount   EUR
121Fee for further processing (late performance of acts R. 71(3))255,00 +407Extension fee for Croatia (HR) (EPC Contracting State as from 1. 1. 2008)102,00 +
122Fee for further processing (non fee related cases)255,00 +408Extension fee for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA) - Extension fee for Bosnia and Herzegovina102,00 +
123Fee for further processing (late payment of a fee - 50% of the relevant fee )0,00409Extension fee for Serbia (RS) ( filing date as of 04.06.2006-30.09.2010)102,00 +
131Limitation fee1.165,00 +410Extension fee for Montenegro (ME)102,00 +
141Revocation fee525,00 +420Validation fee for Morocco (MA)240,00 +
222PCT charge per sheet in excess of 3013,00 +421Validation fee for the Republic of Moldova (MD)200,00 +
224Handling fee176,00 +422Validation fee for Tunisia (TN)180,00 +
225International filing fee1.169,00 +423Validation fee for Cambodia (KH)180,00 +
316PCT - Web-form filing reduction88,00 -450Surcharge on the validation fee for Morocco (MA)120,00 +
318PCT - PDF reduction176,00 -451Surcharge on the validation fee for the Republic of Moldova (MD)100,00 +
319PCT - XML reduction264,00 -452Surcharge on the validation fee for Tunisia (TN)90,00 +
400Surcharge for extension fees51,00 +453Surcharge on the validation fee for Cambodia (KH)90,00 +
401Extension fee for Slovenia (SI) (EPC Contracting State as from 1.12.2002)102,00 +501Additional filing fee for the 36th and each subsequent page15,00 +
402Extension fee for Lithuania (LT) (EPC Contracting State as from 1.12.2004)102,00 +520Additional filing fee for the 36th and each subsequent page - entry into EP phase15,00 +
403Extension fee for Latvia (LV) (EPC Contracting State as from 1.7.2005)102,00 +552Add. fee for divisional 2nd generation210,00 +
404Extension fee for Albania (AL) (EPC Contracting State as from 1.5.2010)102,00 +553Add. fee for divisional 3rd generation425,00 +
405Extension fee for Romania (RO) (EPC Contracting State as from 1.3.2003)102,00 +554Add. fee for divisional 4th generation635,00 +
406Extension fee for North Macedonia (MK) (EPC Contracting State as from 1.1.2009)102,00 +555Add. fee for divisional 5th or subsequent generation850,00 +