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109Add. fee for renewal fee 19th year787,50 +042Renewal fee for the 12th year1.575,00 +
110Add. fee for renewal fee 20th year787,50 +043Renewal fee for the 13th year1.575,00 +
035Renewal fee for the 5th year820,00 +044Renewal fee for the 14th year1.575,00 +
555Add. fee for divisional 5th or subsequent generation850,00 +045Renewal fee for the 15th year1.575,00 +
062Protest fee - for international applications875,00 +046Renewal fee for the 16th year1.575,00 +
069Review fee for a supplementary international search - Review fee for a supplementary international search875,00 +047Renewal fee for the 17th year1.575,00 +
002Fee for a European search - Supplementary search for applications filed before 01.07.2005885,00 +048Renewal fee for the 18th year1.575,00 +
007Fee for grant and printing (not more than 35 pages) or fee for grant including fee for publication925,00 +049Renewal fee for the 19th year1.575,00 +
036Renewal fee for the 6th year1.050,00 +050Renewal fee for the 20th year1.575,00 +
037Renewal fee for the 7th year1.165,00 +006Examination fee - For applications filed on/after 01.07.20051.635,00 +
131Limitation fee1.165,00 +003Fee for an international search1.775,00 +
225International filing fee1.169,00 +006Examination fee - For applications filed before 01.07.2005 and for international applications filed on/after 01.07.2005 without supplementary Europ1.825,00 +
004Fee for an international-type search - first filings1.205,00 +021Fee for preliminary examination of int. application1.830,00 +
038Renewal fee for the 8th year1.280,00 +011Fee for appeal - for an appeal filed by a natural person or an entity referred to in Rule 6(4) and (5) EPC1.880,00 +
002Fee for a European search - Applications filed on/after 01.07.20051.300,00 +004Fee for an international-type search - all other cases1.890,00 +
039Renewal fee for the 9th year1.395,00 +011Fee for appeal - for an appeal filed by an entity other than those referred to in Rule 6(4) and (5) EPC2.255,00 +
040Renewal fee for the 10th year (constant from 10th year on)1.575,00 +111Fee for petition for review2.910,00 +
041Renewal fee for the 11th year1.575,00 +060Fee for a technical opinion3.900,00 +